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Re: Someone who enjoyed Star Trek XI

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I'm a long time fan of Star Trek and was surprised how much criticism the latest film got. Especially with what has come out of the franchise in the last few years. So I decided to write this as a counter to all the hate pages.
I'll weigh in with my own thoughts:

Great music
The sound track is stirring and the main theme strikes just the right balance of being new yet keeping the Star Trek feel.
Though it may be a catchy tune, "Enterprising Young Men" can not match the excellence of The Doomsday Machine theme.

A fantastic scene which shows the makers trying something different with Trek.
"Something different?" You do realize that an orbital skydiving scene was planned for Generations, and that we actually do see orbital skydiving in an episode of Voyager?

The uniforms
Did anyone honestly think they could pull off the original costumes in a way that didn’t look cheap and unbelievable on the big screen?
After seeing the movie, I know they can't.

Genuinely funny
Definitely an area the TNG outings fell flat in this movie has some great lines.
Um, what? I'm not saying the TNG movies ever succeeded with comedy, but this movie's attempts at humour were just painfully painful.
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