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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

Thought i'd put this here now

My Sonic Screwdriver Screwdriver arrived last week

I read a short review that it's not that impressive. I've opened it and notice the sound isn't quite as loud.

Markstammers wrote: View Post
My WOW sonic screwdriver arrived today. (I will try to put a pic up later)

Looks good in the box, but its pretty much all downhill once you get it out.
Only the bottom half is metal, the top half is plastic, similar in thickness to the CO version.
I'd known for sometime that the "claw" didn't extend, but given it's plastic rather than metal it should have been possible to acheive something a bit better than this moulded top.

The screwdriver opens at the midpoint to reveal a rod with the bulb at the top end and the screwdriver heads attached magnetically around it. I think this piece looks rather flimsy, and it certainly took quite a few attempts to get the whole thing put back together. I also think you could very easily rip off the bulb if you are not extremely careful. As to its usefulness as an actual screwdriver i'm pretty sure certain parts of it would break long before you were able to shift a moderately stubborn screw.

The FX are triggered by a small button on the shaft. They sound fairly weedy.

So initial thoughts are that this is a pretty poor attempt that fails to be an accurate replica or a functional screwdriver, its just a very overpriced novelty.

With that said i'm thinking about selling it for 20 dollars plus shipping. Paypal preferred.
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