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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

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I dont normally post in review threads before I finish the book, but I have had it at least a week now and am still miles off finishing it, and there is a decent chance I will never get around to finishing it either.

It is slow, dull and not particularly interesting. the stuff about the Gorn might be interesting in the hands of a different writer, but so far I dont find it to be so in this book.
These are my thoughts exactly. I started it last Saturday, am about half way through and have decided that I don't care how the story ends so going to put it on my bookcase and read something else!
Same here - I got to about 150ish and thought "I'm not enjoying this in the slightest, why bother?" I'm currently reading Old Man's War and that is enjoyable.

Same again for me. Have managed to finish the book as I've been on nights for most of the last week, just babysitting a radar system, so haven't had anything to do but read it, but it was indeed a struggle. Found myself keep putting it down and playing on the internet, whereas most books I read from cover to cover pretty much in one go. Old mans war books were fantastic. Enjoy.
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