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Re: Hans Zimmer will score "Superman"

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Yeah, I'm not really that optimistic about this project either to be honest. The fact that Chris Nolan has basically handed it off to Snyder and it's now his film now also disappoints me, since I thought Nolan would have been just a wee bit more involved, but I guess not as he's focusing on The Dark Knight Rises (and admittedly, as he should).

I'm just not a really big fan of Zack Snyder and his directorial sensibilities, so even though I'm somewhat hopeful because of Goyer's script and Nolan's initial involvement as a producer, my optimism is waning fast.
I think the only reason to hold out any hope is that Nolan DID choose him as the director. Perhaps the particular story and tone they're going for is actually a good fit for Snyder's sensiblities... somehow.
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