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Re: ChristmaHanuKwanzaaPalooza 2010

Timby wrote: View Post
"Thankful Heart," from A Muppet Christmas Carol. Ever since it first hit home video, my family has watched that every single Christmas Eve. It was my Dad's favorite movie.

This is the first Christmas without him. God, that's going to suck.
Yeah, this will be the first Christmas without my Mom as well. Thanksgiving was already pretty rough on my youngest sister, who started crying, so I can't imagine what Christmas is going to be like.

You have my sympathies, man.

Kestra wrote: View Post
Hugs, Timby.

I think Locutus knows my favorite Christmas song but I'll post it anyway.

Hey, it's that song by George Michael and... that other guy.

Good to see you back in the neighborhood, Kes.
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