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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

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I wonder if Deb finds out about Dexter completely or does she just find out about his involvement with Lumen and killing her tormentors? The conversation she had with Dexter about her vigilante theory and why someone would help the victim out in taking revenge may be foreshadowing of Deb just finding out about Dexter's role in the Barrel Girls case. Then they can drag the "Will Deb find out" thread for another season and have wonder about Dexter into next season.
I'll bet that's it. She's primed to accept that level of badness from Dex, but finding out that Dex let Doakes take the fall for the BHB and all the rest is a bit too much. Now. But if she accepts one revelation, what will be the point at which she says too much?
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