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Re: Anyone else think they should have left the Borg well enough alone

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I wasn't clear enough. The hypothetical teleport machine, being an ancient alien device, would only have enough energy left to work a few more times before being totally drained. They try at first to use it to escape, and when that fails they use the last charge to teleport the Borg ship into a black hole/the sun where it's instantly destroyed. The Teleporter than goes offline until they can find out how to recharge it.
Ok, that could work. Though the awful convenience of a superpowerful ancient device falling in your lap just when you need it makes it not fully satisfying. Maybe if they somehow find out the Borg is searching for such a weapon (say it's a prototype built and hidden by a race the Borg just assimilated) and then outrun and outsmart them to it.

And we would have obtained this device from where, exactly?
This is Star Trek, they build crazy sh*t all the time. YEars of co-existence with telepaths would make building an amplifier not too difficult.
Yeah, but building sh*t out of thin air is part of the problem. It's much better dramatically if you stay within the confines of existing elements and rules and creatively make the already existing and shown technology work than if you just make your characters arbitrarily pull out new elements, rules and abbilities.

This is the double standard at work again. It was okay for the ENT-D to hide in a nebula (which didn't work since the Borg blew them out anyways) or a Sun's Corona (which also didn't work since the Borg knew where they were and were just waiting for them to fry) but VOY did the same thing the audience would just say it's a lame cop-out that they don't find some way of destroying all the Borg in their path since the ENT-D found a way of destroying the Borg in BOBW and Descent.
Where's TheGodBen when you need him? (sorry, couldn't resist ) I can only speak for myself (and so can you) and if it was done realistically and sensibly I certainly wouldn't call it a cop-out.

But on Fed ships (and damn every ship) in Trek the sensors are always on par with the engine capacity and weapon capacity. It would make the Borg seem kind of retarded that such a powerful species would let themselves go around borderline myopic.
Umm, how can you exactly compare sensor capacity and weapon capacity? What criterium do you use? They're different technologies and it's perfectly reasonable they will be developed at different paces by different races.

But, ok, here's an idea. Say Voyager finds a way to use the Borg transwarp conduits. It's an already existing element so you don't have to make things up. Say you postulate ship sensors just don't work really well inside them. Make the crew risk using some old and derelict or rarely-used part of the network and then let them play cat and mouse with the Borg in an out of it for a few episodes.

All the writers did was remember what everyone else forgot: Q said the Borg were just ONE dangerous species out there. They decided that, "Hey, if they're just ONE danger why not just show that there's another danger at least as dangerous as them and then have them cancel each other out?" It's sensible, it won't devour the budget (too much) and it won't take over the show.
Kind of like the Dominion War devouring the budget and taking over DS9? Cause that's one of the best things that happened to Trek, IMO. But I guess VOY and arcs just don't gel together.

It's better than having the crew be cowards who run from everything, or have them technobabble a weapon to destroy the Borg armada with.
I don't think running from a superior enemy (and when you have no other option) makes you a coward. Surely the ragtag fleet of BSG weren't cowards. And they don't have to destroy them, they just have to evade them.
What if it's a smart fungus?
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