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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" storyline revealed?

I haven't read Prey since I got it off the racks but recall those covers were cool. The first 50 issues of that series were all of high quality. Over the holiday when I'm at my parents I should go dig that out of the attic and refresh myself with it.

If this is indeed true and Hugo Strange is a main baddie then it's official, and good imo, that we are now into a second tier of Batman's Rogue Gallery. Hopefully it will allow others to not fear using Black Mask or Tally Man assuming they stay in Nolan's world. Bane could be done right in Nolans world. If they don't mind rebooting then I'd love another Riddler and even second tier gimmick baddies like Maxie Zeus or King Tut (they could be used as fodder in an opening sequence) and I still want Killer Croc and Clayface to get a big screen treatment at some point.
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