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Re: Anyone else think they should have left the Borg well enough alone

I thought all of the Borg appearances on TNG were really well done, except "Descent", but that one appears to have been retconned or ignored by "Star Trek: First Contact" (aside from the fact that the Borg Queen refers to herself as "I", I guess), so no lasting damage there.

I think if the Borg had never been used again after "Q Who", it would feel like something was missing and raise a lot of questions. I bet a lot of Star Trek fans (including ones starting threads here) would be asking, "What was with that Borg thing? Why didn't they ever follow up on that?". I imagine them leading a poll of one-shot villains we would have liked to see again.

"Q Who" was just the teaser and "The Best of Both Worlds" was the main event. I also think it was the most epic and satisfying story on TNG, so I hate to think of the show without it. The arc changed the Picard character in a profound way and was an asset to the series overall.

"I, Borg" was a worthy sequel, coming at a Borg story from a different angle and raising new, equally interesting moral and philosophical questions. I never saw their "Voyager" episodes (except "Endgame", which I hated), but I do feel that in the end the Borg made a few too many Star Trek universe appearances, because in my opinion "Star Trek: First Contact" was a good enough send-off for them.

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