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Re: Anyone else think they should have left the Borg well enough alone

You mean like how in TOS folks got killed, revived and were okay from the whole experience? And anyways, by VOY they'd been studying the Borg for much longer (and hell, probably studied Locutus as well) so it's silly to think that they wouldn't have tried SOME method of blocking assimilation for future instances. The Feds are unable to try to adapt to the Borg now?

No, I hated it for sucking. Mainly because it had so much potential that it never reached because either the producers or the writers watered it down on the assumption that their audience was too stupid to deal with a sophisticated plot.
Personally I think the premise of VOY needed work and was shaky to begin with (The Maquis were a bad idea, and so was letting them know where they were all along). But it simply came too soon and was on a crappy network that kept interfering. I don't blame the Producers or writers for that (well, except Jeri Taylor).

Yeah, that's another thing that bothered me and is actually a bit of an inconsistency. The transwarp conduit is a FIXED transit network between two points, it was never implied as being artificial, or for that matter even networked to other conduits. Furthermore, it was something even a shuttlecraft could open with its onboard sensor equipment, where the hell did this "transwarp coil" thing come into play?
I agree, the Transwarp conduits should've just been natural things that the Borg found and used to traverse easily from the DQ to other parts of the Galaxy.

Ugh... this has potential to devolve into "Let's modify the phaser array to emit a resonant tetryon burst that'll divert the teleporter's graviton field into a vuvuzela" thing.
Well, I just mean that the VOY crew find some artifact that can teleport objects as big as a Starship but it doesn't have great range. So instead they use it as a weapon and teleport the attacking ship into a black hole or a star that's nearby. But doing so either fries the device from the size of the Cube or it only had enough power left for a few attempts or something.

I kinda know where you're going with the "link it to weapons" thing, but that has very little dramatic potential unless you come up with some contrived excuse not to use it (or for it to not work) in later episodes.
Well, they CAN keep using it if it still has power as an emergency escape device to temporarily fool folks, or it just just only had enough power left for 2-3 attempts (it's alien after all, maybe they just don't know how to recharge it right). Like how Farscape kept using the Starburst.

[qquote]If you only have one, and you can only USE it once, then the next time you run into Borg you have to try something new.[/quote]

They just find some way of jamming the teleport engine's energies or something. Or it's just too burned out for usage as a weapon. They never once thought about the "Find a phaser frequency the Borg are vulnerable to and fire a huge blast through the Deflector Dish" thing ever again after BOBW either even though there are still phaser frequencies the Borg aren't invincible against.

How do you find out Species 8472 is attracted to that call?
Kes could "hear" them so her telepathy is compatible with theirs. So just get all the Vulcans and Betazoids onboard together with some device that can boost their telepathic powers and channel it into Kes. She "Calls" out to them (if she can receive, then she can send) and VOY makes sure there's a Borg energy signature attached to the call. The 8472 arrive to investigate the call by going for the nearest Borg energy signatures: A Borg armada or a Complex. The Borg attack, they retaliate and the whole place it blown to smithereens in the process while VOY watches. When the fight moves elsewhere they coast on by.

I think it would be more interesting to literally do it Serenity style: fire a bunch of photon torpedoes at a bioship and then run like hell in the direction of the largest Borg fleet. The two sides see each other, get to fighting, Voyager slips through the melee (though not without taking severe damage from stray shots) but manages to escape relatively intact.
The 8472 are too superior in weaponry, targeting and speed to not catch them and blast them in seconds for that to work. With the Reavers at leas their tech wasn't stupidly superior to the Serenity, they just had numbers.

As for mutual annihilation: the less we know about the details of the outcome, the better. It can be implied that the Borg are winning, or loosing, or that they fought to a stalemate, or that the fighting is ongoing, or whatever. But if you try to conclude the story with a line like "Long range sensors detect the absence of Borg or bioship signatures for over three hundred light years. It appears they annihilate each other," then you're fucking up the ending.
Eh, if they aren't interested in continuing that story and just want a decisive end, then the writers have every right to just say "They all killed each other so don't expect this to be some major arc story with 10 episodes of the Borg and 8472 killing each other."

Here's a thought: why is simply RUNNING FOR IT not a valid option at a time like this? Spend six or seven episodes making a dash through Borg space, avoiding battles between Borg and 8472, playing cat and mouse with Borg cubes (Enterprise did this for a while in BOBW, did it not?) and so on.
You can't run from the Borg, and if this is their space they'll be everywhere including in front of you as well as in back. And they'd also have to deal with the 8472 at the same time since you can't run from THEM either.

Every Borg story needed technobabble to win when they encountered each other: Q Who? needed Q to contrivance an escape (not technobabble buy you know what I mean), BOBW needed Data to technobabble the Collective Mind, "Descent" needed Crusher to technobabble a solar flare.

For added drama, you want your characters to be escaping from peril and bloodthirsty enemies until they reach safety, not INVENTING safety using a series of convenient props.
If Farscape and Stargate SG-1 can get away with it, I don't see why Trek can't. Did Kirk escape from the Gorn in "Arena" or did he literally invent safety using convenient minerals around him?

Hey, apart from the fact that the cube EXPLODED, that one was pretty clever.
It works as the LAST Borg story ever told (with the "Sleep" command affecting the entire Collective across the Quadrant).

There's never been anything that established their SENSORS were all that impressive.
But considering how powerful their engines and weapons are...

It's possible that if you hide long enough and deep enough they'll loose interest and move on, or it might be possible to sneak away from them using nebulas, supernovas, solar flares, neutron stars, asteroids, comets, etc. Either way, it IS evidently possible to escape from them somehow; Guinan's people have been doing it for centuries.
With the El-Auriens I think they were still sticking to the "Borg don't care about people" thing. But BOBW showed they DON'T lose interest in you, unless there's a great goal at hand. If a Fed starship was found in the DQ they sure as hell wouldn't just lose interest, they'd want to know how it got there and keep chasing it.

Indeed, but it stands out for its relative simplicity. The only thing that doesn't make sense there is why the "Everyone regenerate!" command would have actually destroyed the ship.
But in the end, it's still just technobabble. No better than, say, luring the 8472 into a MAD conflict with the Borg. Killing two birds with one stone and saving future writers the "Invincible Foe is out there constantly attacking!" problem. A MAD war with the 8472 would cripple the Borg to such an extent future writers wouldn't have to worry about them anymore.
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