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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

I am the CO of the USS Lancelot. The Lancelot is a re-start of the USS Lancelot simulation from the Fleet Formerly known as Tango, now known as Sixth Fleet. The Lancelot has a storied history in our fleet, and although the simulation was laid to rest for several years, many players are beginning to return.

We have several Senior Staff Positions still available, and most of the Asst Dept Head and Senior Departmental Enlisted Positions are still open for play.

This is one of those simulations, where the Command Team listens to the ideas of the players, and in general provides a fun and exciting roleplaying experience.

The Lancelot will be running a Seasonal Format as well. Each "Season" will have an overarching story, that permeates the missions of that Season. Every 5 - 10 missions will be grouped into Seasons.

The simulation has an experienced command team and core player group already in place, along with a Strong Fleet backing for support and assistance in all things. The Lancelot also boasts a unique Fleet and Marine integrated crew.

I invite you all to join us on the USS Lancelot, and Experience the Universe from our, Unique, point of view.

contact the CO(Colonel James Lucas) @

We also have a website being set up by one of our Web Savvy members @
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