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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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I was under the impression that all who die will zombify ....hee.....isn't a known fact in this universe. Maybe I'm wrong. It does make sense, though. Patient zero zombie had to have been infected by something other than a bite. A virus dumped into the water supply of every major city would sure do the trick.
It's almost a necessity to make the zombie apocalypse work as advertised, I think. Biting alone is a pretty poor way for a microbe to spread, globally speaking. But if it has a dormant state, where it can spread through a population without them knowing it, the virus/parasite could spread broadly before anybody knows a thing. If it was a planned attack, it could be coordinated so that hospitals all over the country would be compromised at the same time, making it virtually impossible for folks like the CDC to coordinate a medical response. Nasty thought.

Gotta be an alien virus from space. Imagine using a weaponless virus that is 100% lethal and uses the already dead victims as disease vectors, leading to minimal damage to the infrastructure. If I were an alien race, that is how I would take over a habitable planet. Plus you make if blood bourne so it makes the cleanup a lot easier later especially if it mutates.
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