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Re: How Did You Discover "Smallville"?

At first I didn't want anything to do with it. I didn't like the teenage aingst shit that I heard about it and frankly the CW as it's called now, didn't produce any show that I ever liked. I always chose Enterprise over Smallvile. They were both on at the same time. I am a huge Superman fan, but Smallville to me was not Superman. One night I was bored and there was really nothing on but a Smallvile marathon on ABC Fam. They had the first three seasons. It was more than one night, but a marathon. I decided to just finally give it a chance. I watched it and I liked it, not instantly, but still. This was in the winter in the middle of the fourth season, so I sorta missed it.

I usually work at night and was unable to watch the series in real time. I decided that since I had missed the first half of the fourth season I would just wait for the dvd. I bought the season dvd and it was the fourth season that I really loved the show.I ten decided to watch in real time from season five, but work always got in the way, so I would watch up until the about the midway point then work would get in the way. I just decided to be behind one season each year. I just decided to buy the dvd and watch each season that way. I had that system up until this year. I'm unemployed now and fuly caught up. I have been watching in real time each week this season. Unless I get a job soon, I will probably get to see the entire season. I will still buy the blue ray(now) though.
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