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Re: Star Ship Polaris

I need to make a practice of leaving town for three days every weekend - every time I do, I come back to find all this new coolness.

So that's what the Nielsen generators look like? I like that - even better than I like being the writer who just has to type "Nielsen generator" and then see something like this materialize from someone else's talent.

I also like the fins a lot - not necessarily just as they are, because I figure that whatever you do to them will just make them even better.

It's not a done deal that this ship never lands - I imagine that it does, though probably never on an object as massive as Earth. I can totally see this ship landing on, say, the Moon, nose up and fins down just like in the 1950s science fiction movies.

Vektor, if you don't mind I'm going to post some of these images on the Polaris Facebook page.

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