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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

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The Outpost Byron is a spin off of the USS Mata Hari - set roughly in the year 2415. Outpost Byron is a Section 31 starbase located in a strategic location near the edges of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Designated as both a way station and command post for Section 31 and Starfleet Intel joint operations. Just because the station stays in one place doesn't mean all the action is stationary!

There are a few facets to this sim that my XO and I have in mind for this one - one being a more covert ops/spy feel. So if you're a fan of shows like Alias, Nikita, and Covert Affairs and of course 007, this could be a fun sim for you. The next facet being a more diverse location - with a sort of DS9/Babylon 5 feel with exotic merchants, visitors and ambassadors visiting from time to time to deal with various issues. And there are other facets we'll keep under wraps until it's time to reveal them.

Currently only the following positions are spoken for:

Commanding Officer
Executive Officer
Chief of Security/Tactical Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Science Officer
Chief of Operations
Black Angel Unit
Marine Commander
Marine Pilot

We are looking the following:

Chief Medical Officer
Chief of JAG
Science staff
Engineering staff
Security staff
Medical staff
Marine staff
Promenade patrons
Religious patrons

Send a message to me via pm or IM and tell me you want to join us!

Hit up the forum at the following link
Edited slightly to reflect recent upates and changes!

I am the XO of this sim and also play a number of various characters aboard Byron.

My vision for this sim is to be something that nearly everyone regardless of sim experience or even playing preference can get into. If you like playing civilians, we have something for you. If you like playing kick ass Marines, we've got something for you. If you like playing "Traditional" Starfleet - we've got something for you too. If you like playing low down, dirty evil SOBs, then brother this is a sim for you!

As this sim is relatively young, we are very open to adapting things and changing things here and there and accomidating new ideas. If you've had an idea rattling around your brain for a while, that you've always wanted to write, but never could find writing partners to do it... we might be able to help!

As far as time commitments, if you can do at least a post or two a week we're very happy. I'd rather see quality over quantity.

PM me if you're interested in learning more - or check out our forum, register and create a character and do an application.

Keep in mind, if you are inactive for more than a month and hold a Chief position, it will be reassigned to another active player until you either return. We have members from all over the USA and Australia - so international members are more than welcome to join!
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