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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

^That's true.

The missing connection though was that Deb never learned that Brian went through all of that because he knew Dexter was a killer too. Deb would have a much different reaction to that than just thinking that Dexter's psychotic bio-brother was trying to hurt him.

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WTF has happened to Agent Orange?!?

Guy looks like he has lost about fifteen kilos in between seasons!!!
Agreed. He looks like the actor that's been going through chemo/radiation and not Michael C Hall.

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This week's episode had the same mistake one of the Dexter audiobooks did -- something that any native Miamian like me would never make.

This week, Quinn made the mistake of saying "Brickell" (as in "Brickell Ave.") with the emphasis on the second syllable (brih-KELL) -- and any Miamian can tell you that it's BRICK-ul.

Grr. Threw me right out of the episode.

Quinn's not from Miami though, is he? So he might not know/remember the correct pronunciation.

In Chicago there's a street called Racine (Ray-scene) and about 50 miles north of the city is a town in Wisconsin called Racine (Raa-scene). It's not uncommon to hear people mix up the pronunciation of one or the other.

So, let's just blame it on Quinn being somewhat new to the area.
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