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Re: Rudolph: a homosexual metaphor?

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Hermes and Mercury are the same "messenger of the gods", and while they represent a lot of things, love isn't one of them.
Apparently, you've never received an FTD flower arrangment.

But, yeah, you make a good point. Obviously, therefore, Hermie was short for Hermaphroditus, the mythological "female boy."

Still fits.
I'm just remembering the bit from "Justified" where seeing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer inspired a con to become a dentist.

"Remember the one elf, Hermie, who wanted to be a dentist?"

"Oh, yeah, the little gay dude! Are you tryin' to tell me you're gay?"

"I'm not gay!"

See. I'm not the only one who's figured it out.
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