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Re: My take on the NX refit (WIP)

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Hey all,
So, after looking long and hard look at the secondary hull, i realized that i had missed the most important part of a ship-the keel. my construction design was all wrong.
after progressing a little further on the saucer I realized how heavy it is, and that the structure wouldn't be able to hold it, nor could i run electrical
in its present state....
So I went to the LHS and picked up some model grade plywood, some balsa wood and a tube of zap a gap and started again from scratch.
this is where I am at now-
I have to wait for the electrical components to arrive before I skin it with balsa.

I think that's a fundamental flaw with your design. Without the original catamarans to support the saucer and Pylons, your model at that size is just gonna flop forward unless you have an extremely rigid metal frame in it.

This is especially true with the length of your pylons. I had that NX-01 kit, and the nacelles are fairly hefty for a kit. They sagged on the original layout unless you put a metal frame inside it. I just can't see this design being supported well enough to maintain its shape.
So, take a picture and post it. I'd like to see it.
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