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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

I dont normally post in review threads before I finish the book, but I have had it at least a week now and am still miles off finishing it, and there is a decent chance I will never get around to finishing it either.

It is slow, dull and not particularly interesting. the stuff about the Gorn might be interesting in the hands of a different writer, but so far I dont find it to be so in this book.

I was disappointed with Zero Sum Game as I expected greatness when it was only good, this book is bordering on poor for me.

The last Star Trek book I read that made me feel like this and took so long for me to finish was Full Circle, another book I didnt like.

Edited to add: Also, I thought Trill was called... Trill? Where did Trillius Prime come from?

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