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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Part 3

Jeffy Brown was looking over at Quinn when the water appeared. ‘This is not good!’ he thought. He noticed that the water was not going down. He swam over to the closest window. He tried to open it, without success. ‘Come on!’ he thought. He gave it more tries and it eventually opened. 10 seconds later the water was down to the level of the bottom of the windows.

Sandi!” Quinn yelled.

“Oh, dear!” Mr O’Neil said, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

‘It is not my fault, Quinn. It is Jean’s!” Sandi said.

“What do you mean?” Mr O’Neill asked.

“I am a mischievous Genie,” Jean said.

‘That certainly explains this happening and those rumours at recess,’ Jeffy thought as he and Elias went over to the door to open it.

“But Genie’s don’t exist,” Mr O’Neill said.

“But, how would you explain what just happened?” Stacy asked.

“I don’t have an explanation,” Mr O’Neill said.

The door wouldn’t budge. “Great, the pressure has the door locked!” Elias said. ‘So the reason why we want to open the door is the same reason we can’t open it?’ Jeffy thought.

‘And again, my powers save the day,’ Sandi thought. She then applied barely sufficient pressure on the other side of the door to allow it to open. Then the rest of the water cascaded out of the classroom and into the corridor outside, taking with it some chairs and many very soggy books.
‘I never have used my powers so much in one day,’ she thought, thankful that her brothers did not also inherit powers from their mother.

“Given what has just happened, class is dismissed!” Mr O’Neill said.

“Great!” Elias said.

“Our outfits are ruined, what are we supposed to do for the next forty minutes?” Quinn asked.

‘That is a good observation, Quinn.’ Jeffy thought. He looked out of the door, both ways. The corridor was waterlogged. “And the corridor outside is all wet, we’d all slip!” he said.

In Ms Li’s office, Ms Li changed a camera view and saw the pool empty. “What!” she said. ‘Nobody can empty that pool without my knowledge!’ she thought. She then expertly changed the output from that camera to a different tape and then rewound the tape. She didn’t see Sandi in the pool in the rewind, the water suddenly reappeared. She then presses play. There was a minute of nothing and then Sandi appeared in the pool.

“Ms Griffin! But how?” Ms Li asked herself. She checked the timestamps as she rewound and reviewed Sandi appearing. She saw that there is no time skip. ‘This is definitely related to the rumoured events of recess and the computers suddenly acting up,’ she thought. She continued watching, and then sees Sandi and the water disappear. “Something is definitely happening. Something is causing havoc in my school! I want to know what is going on!” she said.

Back in Mr O’Neill’s classroom they were still blaming Sandi.

“Like, Quiet, all of you! Let me explain,” Sandi said.

“This had better be good, Sandi,” Quinn said, shivering.

“You were there when I wished to be elsewhere in the school,” Sandi stated.

“Yes!” Quinn said.

“I wa-as the-ere,” Tiffany said from where she was leaning against the window from outside.

“Right, Brooke was going to fight me for the emerald, so I wished to be elsewhere in the school, but then I appeared in the pool!” Sandi said.

“Bad idea, Jean!” Elias said.

“Gee, Elias, you like interrupting me, don’t you?” Sandi asked.

“Go on!” Elias said, wanting Sandi to explain what happened next. ‘Why did I ever date her? Quinn is a lot nicer,’ he thought.

“I knew I was going to be late to class, so I wished to be in class. The rest is obvious,” Sandi said.

Mr O’Neill was blubbering in the background. “Why did my class have to be the one interrupted by a mischievous genie?” he was saying.

“Well, this period is a bust,” Elias said.

“But now we’re soaked! Our outfits and classwork are ruined, and the corridor outside is now very slippery!” Quinn said.

“Quinn is right,” Stacy said.

“Right!” Sandi said, grabbing the emerald. She then wished that the water lying on the floor of the classroom and the corridors would go back into the pool.

Half of the water appeared back in the pool.

“The floor is now dry, but we are still wet!” Quinn said.

“Our outfits are ruined!” Stacy said, as miserable as Mr O’Neill.

“And our work is ruined also,” Elias said.

“I was getting to that!” Sandi said. She then wished that the people in the room and just outside the window would be dry, that their clothes and hair would be as if they hadn’t been wet and that the books, stationary, etc would also be dry. Jean also granted that wish.

The students then looked as they did when they had entered the classroom.

“The class is still a bust!” Elias said.

“Not much can be done about that, Elias. I am now, like going to continue my research from this morning. Come Jean,” Sandi said. She and Jean quickly left the classroom. Mr O’Neill was still blubbering, although Quinn was calming Stacy down. Elias helped Tiffany in through the window.

“What now?” Stacy asked Quinn.

“We will wait here until the period is finished. We need to figure out what to do about the situation with Sandi and Jean,” Quinn said.

“Good idea,” Elias said.

For the rest of the period, instead of Language Arts, the group of sophomores went through various scenarios involving Sandi and Jean. They liked none of them. They were still discussing as they went to their next classes.

Ms Li was still fuming later in the period, having not discovered the happening in the Language Arts classroom. Indeed she was mostly fretting about the failure of the cameras in the west half of the school. She had called in several electricians to look at the failures...
(She had taken notes on Sandi’s appearing and disappearing, but did not notice when half of the water had appeared back in the pool.)

Sandi and Jean arrived at the library without incident. Sandi picked up her earlier book from where she had left it and continued to read. When the period was over, she went to her next class...

The two squirrels whom had observed the recess events arrived in an oak tree in the back yard of a two story red brick house on Glen Oaks Lane.
“You are early from your patrol! Report!” another squirrel said, in the Lawndale squirrel dialect.

“There was a non-normative event at the place that the Humans call Lawndale High School,” one of the squirrels said, giving a high pitched impression of Ms Li when saying ‘Lawndale High’.

“Non-normative?” the previous squirrel said.

Both squirrels described Sandi floating in the air and later disappearing. The other squirrel is in thought. “Thankyou, I’ll inform the Emperor. Remain here and wait until the 2 junior humans return and then infiltrate the house,” he said.

“Yes, sir!” the 2 other squirrels said, saluting him. The senior squirrel then left.

An hour later, the senior squirrel arrived at a large oak tree in a small forest just to the west of Lawndale’s suburban fringe. A large group of squirrels appeared from behind nearby vegetation.
“Password?” a large gruff squirrel asked. The new arrival gave the password he had been given, and then was escorted into a tunnel that lead into the large tree’s root system.

A minute later he was high up in the tree, the heart of the Varmittan Empire, the squirrel polity that dominated the area around Lawndale.

“Report Captain Javwi,” said the commander of the Varmittan forces.

“A Non-Normative Event has occurred at Lawndale High School,” Captain Jaywi said, repeating the high pitched impression of Ms Li from earlier.

The Commander of the Varmittan forces remembered Edict 004 ‘All Non-Normative Events are to be reported to the Emperor’ and so allowed Captain Jaywi audience with the Emperor.

Captain Jaywi reported the events at Lawndale High as he had heard from his two patrol officers and his orders to the same. The Emperor was then in thought.

“This Non-Normative Event is serious. I have to check the archives to be sure, but I think that this human female may have had found what is termed a ‘genie’,” the Emperor said.

“Orders, Your Majesty?” Captain Jaywi asked.

“Return to the Glen Oaks post. I will send relevant information if it is found,” the Emperor said.

As he left the Palace-Tree Captain Jaywi reflected on the rumours of a Non-Normative Event that may had occurred the previous fall, something to do with ‘Holidays’. There was definitely a reason why the Empire kept a constant guard post at the rear of the ‘Good Time Chinese Restaurant’...

He returned to the Glen Oaks post an hour later.

Ms Li was talking to one of the electricians. “The cameras in the Industrial Arts Block are all working again. The power wires had somehow been severed. I certainly haven’t seen anything like it,’ he said.

“Thank you, Mr Wallace. How soon would it be until the cameras in the Science Block are repaired?” Ms Li said.

“They should be repaired by the end of the school day, but there appears to be an extra floor that is not in the blueprints,” Wallace said.

“Yes. Weird stuff has been happening, but that is not your concern,” Ms Li, whom had been informed of the appearance of the extra floor by Ms Barch, said. (However Ms Barch hadn’t told Ms Li everything that Andrea had said.)

“Ok then, the cameras on all of the floors will be working by the end of the school day,” Wallace said. He exited the office to go back to work.
‘All the cameras will be working. Maybe I can then figure out what is happening today, including with what happened to the pool water, and the report of a splashing sound in the HSIE Block,’ Ms Li thought.

At the end of the school day, Sandi sneaked out of Economics ahead of the rest of the class. She then slowly headed for the exit. However Torii was waiting around a corner...

“Ah, Sandi! Your uber-popularity, and that of Quinn Morgendorffer too, is at an end.

“Gee Torii, I doubt that even a genie can do things to, like, change popularity status with a single wish!” Sandi retorted. “That would be true even of Quinn,” she continued.

“Oh no? I could wish for someone to become obese, or to turn your personality ‘up to eleven’ or to make Quinn more concerned about her grades. You remember ‘Academic Imprisonment’ last year, don’t you Sandi?” Torii asked.

“What of it? Quinn said she found it in the trash!” Sandi said, wondering what Torii was getting at.

Torii laughed. “Tiffany and Stacy may be gullible enough to believe that, but you and I know better!”

“True, What are you getting at, Torii?” Sandi asked.

“Give me the emerald, Sandi!” Torii said.

“No!” Sandi said, backing away.

“Yes! I’m going to change things at Lawndale High!” Torii said. She started to charge at Sandi. Sandi realised she was backed against a wall.

“I wish that time would stop for a while!” she cried out, touching the emerald.

Sandi could then hear the usual wish granting noise, slightly more drawn out than usual. She opened her eyes. Torii was slowing down and her voice was growing deeper. Then she stopped.

Jean walked up. “Well Sandi, time is not actually stopped, but at a crawl,” she said.

“What do you mean?” Sandi asked, glancing at the apparently frozen Torii.

“For every second passing for us, a millisecond is passing for everyone else. The wish has taken effect for a full second after it was fully granted,” Jean said.

“How long would that be?” Sandi asked.

“Fifteen minutes,” Jean said.

“Good, there is plenty of time for me to get far enough away from school. Let’s go Ten Pin Bowling,” Sandi said. She hadn’t been Ten Pin Bowling since Middle School.

“Good idea, relax,” Jean said. Sandi then ran off, almost knocking Torii out of place.

“Slow down, Sandi! Your time bubble is exceeding the speed of sound!” Jean yelled, smaller ‘time bubbles’ allowing the soundwaves to travel between their time bubbles.

14 minutes later by Sandi’s reckoning, she and the genie entered Lawndale Ten Pin Bowling Centre.
“Alright, the wish will end its effect in 10 seconds,” Jean said as they approached the lanes and the service counter.

“Whatever,” Sandi said, looking at a ball that was about to knock over the pins.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” Jean said. Then Sandi and Jean re-emerged from the time bubble into the normal space-time continuum. Sandi could see the ball slowly knock over the pins and then the normal bustle of the Ten Pin Bowling Centre could be heard. She then recognised who had bowled that ball, Jane Lane.

Back at the High School, Torii heard a sharp cracking sound, like that of a whip. She saw that Sandi had disappeared into thin air. She slammed into the wall where Sandi had been standing moments before.

‘Great, she could have gone anywhere whilst time was ‘stopped’ she thought. She didn’t consider herself a ‘brain’ but she knew enough to know that time wouldn’t completely stop. ‘I guess that I should go home now,’ she thought. She then started walking out of the school, automatically judging the popularity of the students she saw as she went by. She overheard Quinn and her posse discussing the day’s events as she left the school.

Sandi and Jean had chosen a lane next to Jane and her bowling partner, whose name on the score screen was given as ‘Tom’ (verses Jane’s ‘Janie’).

“I wish for a winning streak,” Sandi said, as she went for her first bowl. (Her and Jean’s names on the score screen were ‘Sandi’ and ‘Jeani’ respectively.) Jean reluctantly granted the wish.

“Your wish is granted!” Jean said.
“Excellent!” Sandi said as she bowled.

Jane looked as Sandi got her second strike on her 4th frame. “She’s good. Suspiciously good!” she told her boyfriend, Tom Sloane.

“What do you mean?” Tom asked.

“That’s Sandi Griffin. She is the President of the Fashion Club. The most physical exertion that she usually does is Power Yoga,” Jane said, remembering the time when she and her best friend videotaped her sister for a class project.

“Isn’t that the group that Daria’s sister is part of?” Tom asked.

“Exactly,” Jane said.

“So it is suspicious?” Tom asked.

“Exactly, I mean, the last time I saw Sandi bowling, we were in Elementary School,” Jane said.

“Sounds like an interesting story,” Tom said.

“Oh it is. Bowl and I’ll tell you,” Jane said, laughing. Tom then took his turn, knocking over 6 pins.

5 years, 9 months earlier
“It was my 11th birthday and Trent surprised me by showing up at the front of the Elementary School in the Tank shortly after school had let out. He had gotten his licence 2 months before and had borrowed the Tank for the occasion. He winds down the window. “Happy Birthday, Janie,” he said. I get in and he says that we are going bowling as a birthday treat.

Trent and Jane Lane carry their balls over to the bowling lane that they’re using. “Better than the usual art supplies isn’t it Janie?” Trent asked.

“Penny gave me art supplies, Mom says she will give me my present when I get home. I haven’t heard from the others. Thanks Trent,” Jane said, she hugged him. Trent smiled.

They were bowling their second frame when they see another family set up in the lane next to them – the Griffins, Sandi, her brothers Sam and Chris and their mother, Linda.

“What are you looking at?” Sandi said when she noticed Jane looking at her.

“Nothing,” Jane said and bowled.

5 minutes later, Sandi bowled and missed the pins, twice. She got angry and moodily skulked back to the seats. Linda gave her a look of disapproval. Linda then bowled and got a spair. Sam knocked down 8 pins and Chris managed to knock over 3. In the meantime the Lanes got a higher combined score than all the Griffins combined, including a strike by Trent.

Sandi bowled again and again got a nil score. “Why can’t I, like, hit the pins!” she shouted. She kicked the ball retrieval mechanism.

“Alexandra! Hold your temper!” Linda shouted, with a disapproving look and her hands on her hips.

“Yes, mother!” she said, trying to calm down.

“It’s my turn,”

“No, it’s my turn,” Sam said.

“It’s my turn!” Chris said.

“It’s my turn!” Sam said.

“It is Sam’s turn!” Linda said.

Sandi continued to bowl poorly through the rest of that game. She even got a lower score than her 5 year old brother. She was seething with temper all the while. I heard that she had to go to anger management classes when she was 13. I suspect that is one reason why she has a hold over Quinn and the other two, she doesn’t like losing control.

End of flashback


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