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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Part 2

Jean had turned a corner when Sandi had made her wish. The wish granting noise emanated around her. “You didn’t need to make that wish Sandi!” she muttered. Even so, she gained the extra knowledge about Ms Li’s personality. ‘That may be useful in future,’ she thought.

Ms Li looked up from the paperwork strewn on her desk as Jean entered her office. “Jean Jenner reporting as requested, Ms Li,” she said.

“Good!” Ms Li said. She picked up a piece of paper “It says here that you are billeted with the Griffins. Is that correct?”

“Yes it is,” Jean said.

“Why didn’t you report here as soon as you arrived at school?”

“I got carried away talking with Sandi, Ma’am.”

“I can believe that, your transgression was minor. But you still need to submit to a psychological test before returning to class,” Ms Li said. She pressed a button on the intercom. “Ms Manson, please report to the Principal’s Office!”

“Great, a psychological test!” Jean said.

“It is nothing to be worried about. And Welcome to Lawndale High,” Ms Li said, saying the school’s name in a reverential manner.

20 minutes later Jean was walking back to Mr DeMartino’s classroom. “Stupid Psychological test! It’s a good thing she didn’t think that I have low self-esteem!” she muttered. She was sure it would be time for the next class shortly after she got back. She decided to have some fun...

The security cameras in the west half of the school all failed! ‘That will have Ms Li in an uproar,’ Jean thought.

Jean arrived back at Mr DeMartino’s classroom 5 minutes before the end of the period.

After another period, it was recess.

Elias came up to Jean, where she sat near where Sandi and a large group of other girls, including the rest of the Fashion Club, were talking near the rear of the library.

“Can I talk with you away from the others?” he asked, with more than a hint of curiosity in his voice.

“Sure, absolutely,” she said. They walked away from the group of girls, towards the Home Economics/Music block.

“I have a hypothesis related to the fact that with the strange events that happened in the library this morning and the fact that all of the school’s computers can suddenly be controlled by voice,” Elias said.

“What is your hypothesis?” Jean asked. She was hoping that Elias was going where she was thinking he was going.

“That there is some kind of magic involved, almost certainly some kind of genie,” Elias said.

“I will tell you the truth, Elias. Although I am certain that Sandi will be angry,” Jean began. Elias looked concerned.

“I’ll tell you since you are curious,” Jean said, with a laugh. “There was magic in the school this morning with the computers changing. There is a genie in the school,” she hesitated. “And I am that genie.” She knew that Elias had to find out, regardless of how Sandi felt about the matter. She didn’t know what the repercussions would be if Elias didn’t find out about her within the next day.

Elias was then in thought. “Were you always a genie? Or did you become one somehow?” he asked.

“Good question. I will answer it. Approximately 2000 years ago, I was born as a normal human, and then one day soon after my 15th birthday I became a genie and I found myself in the Emerald,” Jean said.

“Is that all?” Elias asked.

“There is a more complex answer but that would take a lot longer to explain,” Jean said.

“Here is another question; how many people have had wishes granted by you?” Elias asked. He was still curious, though Jean’s answer to his earlier question had him trying to think about the repercussions of such an event.

“Sandi is the 2225th,” Jean said.

‘That is a large number,’ Elias thought. He asked something else though. “Are there any other genies that you are aware of?”

Jean answered that she had seen 6 others since the fall of the Roman Empire. Elias talked to her for a short while more before leaving to eat his recess by himself. However Sandi had overheard most of what had been said.

“Why did you tell him?” she asked, with anger in her voice.

“He asked if I was a genie and I had to tell him the truth,” Jean, who wanted to be honest with Elias for her own reasons, said.

“Do not tell anyone else!” Sandi fumed. ‘Elias may now want Jean for himself!’ she thought.

However someone else had overheard Elias and Jean, Torii Jericho. “What were Elias and Jean talking about?” Torii asked.

“None of your business!” Sandi said.

“There is a genie in the school,” Jean said. She was thinking that there was a way around Sandi’s unspoken wish that she not be identified as the genie if someone asked about what was happening.

“There may be, like, a genie in the school, but Jean is not it!” Sandi said. ‘Of course Jean would say that there is a genie. She has been very mischievous this morning,’ she thought.

Torii was in thought for a second. “Sandi, I am going to look for this genie. Come on Brooke, we will look for it,” she said.

Brooke Peters followed Torii away from the group.

After Torii and Brooke had gone, Ted approached Elias from the direction of the Science block.

“I haven’t found the genie yet, Elias, but I will keep looking,” he said. Ted was taking the events in stride; he had heard rumours of strange events in history that could have been caused by rather unusual forces.

“I have found her, Ted,” Elias said, having decided to fill Ted in on what he had discovered regarding the genie.

“Who is it?” Ted asked, almost whispering.

“Jean, whom was with Sandi in the library earlier,” Elias said, not quite so quietly. Indeed, Sandi overheard! She was quite annoyed with Elias. She came stomping over and said; “You are going to regret this, Elias!”

Jean came over “Calm down, Sandi. Elias, Ted, please do not inform anyone else about my nature. They are going to find out soon enough,” she said.

“What do you mean, Jean?” Sandi asked, fuming, but trying to keep her voice down.

“Events are going to get out of control, regardless of what you do, Sandi. That is what always happens,” Jean said.

“Whatever!” Sandi said, dismissing Jean’s comment.

“I am going to tell Mrs Danielson. But not anyone else,” Ted said. “See you, Elias, Jean and Sandi,” he then left going into one of the buildings.

“I hope no one else has overheard,” Sandi said.

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Elias said.

“I heard that!” Sandi said.

“Tisk, Tisk, Sandi. You haven’t counted on my mischievousness. I don’t need to grant a wish to do magic!” Jean said.

“What!” Sandi said.

“For instance, I can do, this!” Jean blinked and Sandi started to float up into the air!

“Jean! People can see!” Sandi shouted.

“Exactly!” Jean said, laughing.

“Why iis Sand-di float-ting?” Tiffany asked in the background.

Sandi started producing lighting around her fingers. “Your feeble powers are no match for mine, Sandi,” Jean said.

“Oohf!” Sandi exclaimed, grabbing at the emerald. “I wish that you would let me down!” she said.

“As you wish!” Jean said, she didn’t really want Sandi to reveal her own powers, ‘though I am sure that most didn’t notice,’ she thought. She granted the wish. Sandi fell down, though landing gracefully.

“I thought you said that Jean wasn’t a genie!” Andrea Hecuba said.

“As what just happened shows, yes. Like I would have admitted it without that happening, but what are you doing here?” Sandi asked.

“I was reading here. I usually read here. No one notices the Goth Chick!” Andrea said.

“Indeed, your outfit is worse than that of that girl who lives with Quinn!” Sandi said.

“That is certainly true,” Quinn said in the background.

“Tell me about it!” Stacy said.

“Tha-at Jac-ket aand tho-ose boots, soo wro-ong!” Tiffany said.

“Most of the ‘popular’ people in the school now know, Sandi!” Jean said.

‘And who knows who Andrea could tell, certainly most of the unpopular students,’ Sandi thought. “You want me to make a wish?” She asked.

“Make one, or there will be more mischievousness,” Jean said.

‘Oh the irony, my own trickery turned against me,’ Sandi thought. “I wish that an extra floor would appear on the top of the Science Block!”

“As you wish, You keep wishing big though,” Jean said. She granted the wish. With the usual wish related sounds, and an additional sound similar to that of Autobots (or Decepticons) changing shape, the Lawndale High science block gained an additional floor...

One of the other students ran off to find Torii and Brooke...

Most of the other students began running around in a panic. Sandi facepalmed, as Quinn, Tiffany and Andrea looked at the situation impassively and Stacy fainted. Jean and Elias wondered if the situation was out of control...

It was halfway through recess, and the news was spreading through the student population of Lawndale High, although invariably Chinese Whispers took its toll on the accuracy of the message.

Daniela Gray found Torii and Brooke, in a girl’s bathroom near the assembly hall. “Here you are!” she said.

“What is happening, Daniela?” Torii asked.

“Sandi was lying! Jean is a genie. She made Sandi float in the air...” Daniela said.

“Are you sure?” Brooke asked.

“Yes!” Daniela said.

“How do I know that it isn’t you that is lying?” Brooke asked.

“Come and see for yourself!” Daniela said. Brooke reluctantly followed Daniela and Torii back to where Sandi and Jean were.

“How did the Science Block get an extra floor?” the head Science teacher Janet Barch asked as she exited the library.

“There is a genie in the school. That is the source of the trouble,” Andrea said. She wanted an adult to know, regardless of the consequences.

“I suppose, that is one explanation, what with the computers and all,” Ms Barch said. Andrea had already heard about the computers.

“Yeah,” Andrea said.

“I bet it was a male who wished that!” Ms Barch exclaimed.

“Actually, it was Sandi Griffin,” Andrea said.

“Maybe...” Ms Barch said, wondering.

Inside the library, Ted was talking to Mrs Danielson.

“It is Jean, isn’t it?” Mrs Danielson said.

“Yes, Elias talked to her, then Sandi and Jean herself confirmed it. So what happens now?” Ted asked.

“I don’t know. This is completely outside our experience. I hope that Sandi has the wisdom not to abuse the power that the genie is giving her,” Mrs Danielson said.

“Me too,” Ted said.

Outside the library, Daniela, Torii and Brooke arrived on the scene. Most of the previously panicking students had dispersed. Quinn was helping Stacy to calm down. Tiffany was looking around clueless. Andrea and Ms Barch were still conversing. Sandi and Elias were sitting near each other with ponderous looks on their faces. Jean was standing between them, waiting...
‘Why is it that Sandi gets the genie?’ Brooke thought to herself. ‘She is the President of the Fashion Club. She won’t let me in the Fashion Club. I should be in the Fashion Club!” She then decided to grab the emerald off Sandi!

“Give me that emerald, Sandi Griffin!” she shouted, and charged...

Sandi saw what was happening. “I wish I was, like, somewhere else in the school!” she said, rapidly. Jean blinked, and Sandi vanished.

“That was not a good idea, Brook Peterson! If you had touched, Sandi, you would have gotten detention!” Ms Barch said.

“Sorry, Ms Barch,” Brooke said.

“You should apologise to Sandi, not me,” Ms Barch said.

Then the end of recess bell rang. Everyone went to class.

In the rush to get to class no one noticed two squirrels jump from a tree in the quad onto the Industrial Arts Block. The two squirrels then left the school to the west.

Sandi had appeared underwater in the school’s swimming pool. She came up for air, spluttering. She still had the emerald, although Jean was nowhere to be seen. She was quite angry at being dunked when all she wanted was to escape Brooke’s attempt to fight her for the emerald. Then the bell rang. ‘Great! I’ll be late to class,’ she thought. She grabbed the emerald. “I wish I was in class,” she said.

Sandi and all the water vanished from the pool...

5 minutes later, Mr Timothy O’Neill’s Sophomore Language Arts Class was interrupted...

“Oh, dear, where is Sandi?” Mr O’Neill asks. He was absolutely clueless about what had been happening in the previous half hour.

“No idea, Mr O’Neill,” Quinn said. Then the whole room was filled with water, as Sandi and the water appeared in a distorted version of the normal wish granting noise.

Sandi noticed that the door of the classroom was shut. She attempted to wish the water away, but all that came out of her mouth were bubbles. ‘Great! I need to be out of water to speak a wish!’ she thought, and then wondered about how to get out of the situation before everyone drowned. She then saw Jean, who appeared to be enjoying herself in the water filled classroom. ‘Ah, now everyone will almost drown!’ Sandi thought.
She then noticed Jamie White and Jeffy Brown; two of those football players who usually attended to Quinn’s every whim, attempting to open two of the windows. ‘That is one way to avoid drowning. She concentrated on the windows. The telekinetic aspects of her powers assisted Jamie and Jeffy’s efforts. The windows then opened.

The water rushed out of the classroom. Sandi noticed that 5 of the students including Joey Green and Tiffany were swept out. ‘It is a good thing that this classroom is on the ground floor,’ she thought. Seconds later the water level was down to the level of the bottom of the windows.

Sandi!” Quinn yelled.

Tiffany Blum-Deckler was preparing herself for the arduous Language Arts lesson ahead when she suddenly realised that the classroom was full of water. ‘Why is all this strange stuff happening today,’ she thought, at a pace quicker than that of her speech. She noticed that Sandi was in her seat, which had been vacant a few moments before. ‘And why is Sandi appearing out of thin air/water, water/air?’ she thought again. Sandi was glaring at her Exchange Student housemate, Jean.
‘Jean does have something to do with what happened at recess,’ she thought, as she was attempting to hold her breath. She saw Jamie and Jeffy, who usually did stuff for Quinn, attempting to open the windows. They then opened them. ‘Oh no!’ she thought as she started going out of the window. ‘I should not have stood up!’

Tiffany roused herself. She was shivering, lying on the ground in a puddle outside of the Language Arts classroom. She barely heard Quinn yell at Sandi.

“Are you ok, Tiffany?” It was Joey Green.

“I’m Free-ezing, and my hair is ru-uined,” she said. She wasn’t actually sure that her hair was ruined, but that usually happened if she got dunked. She was also surprised that Joey actually gave her any concern, as he usually hung around Quinn with Jamie and Jeffy, competing with them for her attention. Her dates usually didn’t go well, because they usually got bored of her slow monotone. She sat up. ‘As opposed to the not-so-monotone ‘brainy’ voice of Quinn’s sister,’ she thought. Joey then leapt back into the classroom.
She stood up and observed what happened next through the window.

Joey Green had opened his book of David Copperfield, when suddenly the room filled with water. ‘What the heck?’ he thought as he stood up. He looked towards Quinn. She seemed to be handling herself, indeed she seemed to be glaring at Sandi. ‘She wasn’t there before. Indeed I heard Quinn tell Mr O’Neill that she didn’t have any idea where Sandi was.’ He thought. He didn’t have much time to ponder this before he was washed out of the classroom...

Next thing he knew he was lying on the ground. He got up and saw Tiffany lying in a puddle.

“Are you ok, Tiffany?” he asked.

“I’m Free-ezing, and my hair is ru-uined,” Tiffany said. ‘At least that is all she is worried about,’ he thought. He waited for a little while and then she sat up. He then thought of Quinn and leapt back into the classroom, causing a splash.

Continued in next post


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