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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

THE CHUTE - 3x03 - 2/5

Things kick off with Harry Kim being thrown into a prison of horrors and getting the shit kicked out of him. HARRY KIM HORROR #7

It's nice to see Harry and Tom in a dangerous situation together, testing their friendship. I don't think we've really seen this before and it's good to see.

Unfortunately things don't really go anywhere in this episode and up in space Janeway once again needlessly antagonises an alien speices. Although, the alien species in Voyager who fill in for the 'villain of the week role' are usually so obtusely stupid (like this week's) that I guess it really doesn't matter. Probably the only good scene was Harry losing it at Paris and almost killing him.

Also why did Janeway fly down the chute? What a farcical resolution which serves nothing but illustrate that either her decisions are illogical, or she doesn't trust an armed security team to the job she feels she could do with a phaser rifle.

Probably the only thing realstic in this episode is Neelix acting like a clueless moron. Although this unfortunately devolves into undeserved self-congratulations on his part.

Unremarkable, slightly silly, and boring.

Harry Kim Horror Count: 7
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