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Re: How Did You Discover "Smallville"?

I knew the show was starting, so I tuned in for the pilot. A roommate was also interested in the show since he was big on comic books. Even in the pilot, I knew Clark was an idiot for ignoring Chloe while pining after Lana.

Unfortunately, it turned out the second episode with the kryptonite freak football coach was a sign of things to come, which of course I didn't know at the time. Another roommate happened to walk by while that episode was playing and thought it was the most stupid thing ever on TV.

Eventually I bailed on the show, I think sometime before or during when Michael Rosenbaum and/or Kristin Kreuk quit.

It was the second time I had watched a few seasons of a long-running show only to be burned out/annoyed by how bad it was and quit, after Star Trek: Voyager.
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