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Re: How Did You Discover "Smallville"?

I started watching a few weeks after the pilot aired, beginning with the episode about the girl who had to eat... a lot. She had been overly weight-conscious, so, as the producers put it, the meteor rocks "accentuated the sin" by forcing her to eat ever-increasing quantities of food to avoid starvation. See, back in those days, Smallville was fundamentally about characters, especially the way ordinary people react when exposed to or given powers. The "freaks of the week" were actually people, not an endless supply of evil aliens, bad seed clones, unredeemable hired goons or what-have you. Anyway, being myself an only child high-school noble dweeb pining after a beautiful but attainable girl, I was instantly taken with the show's nouveau-Rock aesthetic and, just as importantly, heart.

Then Lana freakin' killed a guy in 3.2 and it was never mentioned again, and the original Smallville died, leaving behind an increasingly heartless and pointless copy, which has now apparently devolved into the filmed result of a room full of monkeys throwing DC Comics panels and George Lucas' Screenwriting for Beginners at a wall.
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