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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

271. The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters [B+]
272. Get Him to the Greek [C]

THE KING OF KONG: This is a brilliant documentary, which wrings more conflict and drama out of something as incidental as the world record in Donkey Kong could possibly be. The director has obvious biases, but based on what I've read outside of the film, it's difficult not to share them. My only complaint would be that, at times, I'm left wondering (along with some characters in the film, like Steve Wiebe's wife) why so much hoopla is being made over something so unimportant. But that only happened at times.

GET HIM TO THE GREEK: An occasionally funny, but surprisingly meandering comedy that is a loose follow-up to the far superior FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. The problem is that there just isn't enough story, even for 90 minutes. Sean Combs is hilarious, and Paul Krugman has an amusing cameo, but it's not enough to propel a feature film along. It also doesn't help that the pairing of Jonah Hill and Elisabeth Moss isn't believable for a second (even if their chemistry is okay), and half the phone calls Hill makes to her in the film are just plain offensive. I don't buy her talking to him after those, let alone their staying together. Colm Meany also turns up, which is odd, but it's always nice to see him. Eh...not bad, not good. Just a middle of the road comedy.
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