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Re: How Did You Discover "Smallville"?

Around the release of "Superman Returns" there was a TV documentary on the history of Superman in his various incarnations part of this special talked about "Smallville" and some of the clips and scenes they showed in it piqued my interest. Esp. the treatment of the Clark/Lex relationship so I started in on the DVDs and had, mostly caught up with the show by the end of that Summer in time for the start of the (Sixth?) season and joined in the discussion threads here with my cunning wit.

I remember being slightly interested in checking it out when it premiered and I saw a bit of the pilot and saw all of the last episode of the first season. What little I saw of those two didn't leave me with much of a good impression as it struck me as a "Roswell"-ian angsty teen melodrama. Well, I was partly right. It also had a healthy dose of X-Filesian freak-of-the-week, Sunnydale effect on the characters and residents of Smallville/Metropolis, an assload of angst and, well, when I finally started watching the show I started appreciating these sillier things for the sake of some really good mythos stories. I mean this series is filled with a lot of fluff but when you get through it you can find some really good Superman origin stuff.

The show just has a lot of useless filler between all of the meat. It's the hot dog of TV series.

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