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I actually love the Jim Carrey film...
I'm sorry, but the Carrey version completely SHITS on the entire point of the cartoon and the book.

The whole point of the original was how the Grinch hated Christimas because his heart was too small and how he needed to learn from the Whos the meaning of Christmas.

The Grinch THOUGHT (in the original) that the meaning of Christmas was gifts and parties. He believed that was all the Whos cared about. Then, after he steals their toys and decorations he learns that's not true. The spirit in their heart--the LOVE--is what they believe in. And he learns to love in return.

That's a great message about the holiday.

Conversely, in the Howard/Carrey version the Grinch hates Christmas because he's been a victim of discrimination by the Whos, a group of shallow people who, in fact, DO care more about the toys and parties. It's only after he steals their stuff do they repent. And, then, the Grinch gets to join their parties (in other words, exactly the opposite of what Dr Suess intended).

Basically, its as if Howard and Carrey decided to rewrite Dickens to make everyone an asshole until Ebeneezer and some ghosts lay down divine justice.
I agree, I like the Carrey version just to see them make it live action, but really is overdone.
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