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Re: Quantum Slipstream V.S. Transwarp

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And wasn't there a line in STIII where a crewman told Styles "All speeds available through transwarp drive?"
That line of dialogue was the first clue that transwarp actually supplemented warp-drive instead of outright replacing it. Traditional warp engines appear to dawdle along reasonably well ( although obviously enduring increased operational stresses) within what may be some sort of deeper penetration into subspace than the nacelle fields can achieve without help (kinda' like jogging along the travellators at the airport). The visual evidence suggested that help might have come (or at least have been intended to, in the case of ol' NX-2000) from the deflector dish, what with the new, chubby mid-section the Excelsior was sporting around it, perhaps crammed with experimental gear (not to mention that matte-black {radiator?} grille on that chubby neck).

It's interesting to note that the subsequent Ambassador class, presumably designed after the transwarp program had been abandoned, returned to the more slender-necked profile of pre-Excelsior ships.
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