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Re: Quantum Slipstream V.S. Transwarp

Well there, in the tech manual, they were trying to make Warp 10 impossible to attain as lightspeed is to us. We really would have to have infinite energy to get to light speed, and even then we still can't quite do it (law of diminishing returns, Einstein and all that.)

What Sternbach did was to have a 24th century equivalent of this problem still exist for warp designers. It was all meant to have dramatic effect instead of going "warp 11, warp 12," etc. It's always nice to have that unattainable to shoot for--for it means more when you reach it by the VOY episode, either that or the ultimate form of transwarp, with a lower tier used by Voth and the three nacelle Ent-D we will say...
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