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Re: Christmas shopping - who's hardest to buy for?

I think I mentioned this elsewhere, but I usually buy everyone a variation of the same gift of either wine or chocolates/foodie treats, so nobody is hard to shop for! I order in a mixed case of mid-priced wine from the Wine Society, together with one of their Christmas Hampers, and get a few boxes of nice things from my local good chocolaterie.

That keeps me well supplied with pressies for everyone, as well as a steady supply of things to bring to Christmas parties. In fact, around the festive season, I usually keep the mixed case in the boot of the car, just so there's always a bottle handy at short notice.

However, once in a rare while, I break that rule and get someone something more specific. I don't usually like doing this, because then I have to think, and that's too much like hard work...
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