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Re: Quantum Slipstream V.S. Transwarp

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Why not?
Being everywhere in the universe at the same time opens up pretty big possibilities.
And wasn't there a line in STIII where a crewman told Styles "All speeds available through transwarp drive?"

Excelsior at that time was also to be a wonderous ship--what we think of as ENT-J as being, before it was simply dumbed down as a heavy cruiser replacement.

There is also another way to look at this.

Remember what Barclay meant in the Nth Degree in his line "There are no limits" after saying Starfleet always looked at things as a function of warp?

To me this means that Warp 10 really wasn't everywhere at once--that the tables had to be recalculated yet again. Warp 10 in the ST:TMP era was not warp 10 in the TNG ear as we know. Therefore transwarp meant that yet another scale came along by the time of "All Good Things."

There transwarp 25 or whatever is "everywhere at once," somehow unattainable, and that gets broken by Ent-J or whatever, as we broke the wall that was the "sound barrier" the lightspeed barrier, etc.

No limits...

Now as we have this conversation, Stargate ships travel between galaxies with second/third tier hyperspace drives, with the Tardis doing better, and there was the Stargate Universe jump drive that allowed travel between universes like how nuGalactica jumped from point to point, while trek ships were sadly limited to interstellar travel. This was never said to be a limit early on, and shouldn't be, since the ship-as-sculpture seems to indicate a very high level of technology.

Thus I have a little pet theory that once a civilization stumbles into hyperdrive, its innovation stops. A caveman who gets a maglev train ticket stagnates and never invents the muscle car or jeep, which allows more direct access to surroundings. Trek ships are superior in this, in that they can interact at FTL, thus the fact they they haven't slown technological progress down. With treck you are always doing one better, pushing where you wouldn't have to with hyperspace, which seems only tier one in SW.

The Stargate Earth ships, especially the Prommie, is very clunky, but could ford galaxies the way Enterprise couldn't, even with the Kelvin-race additions. But they have to have zats and the overall tech level is all Cheyene Mountain gear. I say the same thing happened in the Star Wars Universe that happened with the Varduaar. Very old, able to skip around enemies and encircle them, colonize a galaxy more quickly, yet remain stagnant--no transporters, replicators, Voyager tech, etc.

In Star Trek, you had to earn every light year, face hostile neighbors head on instead of jumping over them. This forced rapid tech progression. In Star Wars, the scale is more vast, yet everything seems sedate in a sense. The old Republic gets stale, and the first really big conflict and new blood was in the rise of Empire. But focus on militarism and less on exploration still leaves trek ships more advanced overall than a lot of the other ships we have seen, even if they have the hyperspace transrapid ticket that leaves them lazy.

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