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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

I wanted to hit her when she called Saratt that horrible "name"!

But I think maybe she was doing that to try to deny the atrocity she'd seen--to block it from her mind--because once she acknowledged his name, and started to remember, it got to her.

The way she described the Obsidian Order not caring about the horrific pain Saratt was in, that "Oops, oh well, that one was practice--we'll get it right the next time" HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!

But I think Brenok's reaction to Nagem comes down to the "name" she called Saratt. I think that if she is indeed a good woman, he won't accept her until she reacts even more strongly.

As for the interaction between Brenok and th'Arshar--it's good that they're starting to find SOME way of working together, even though it's still very, very tense.

I'm so glad Karama's awake. And I hope that soon, we find out who the murderer is.
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