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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

Does Karama know who the murderer is?????

Brenok and the Fed. captain had me laughing ... Brenok is quite good with dealing with him.
Though I am also a bit disspointed with Brenok..why does he has no heart for the poor female cardassian? I mean he does have a heart for Saratt! She is sort of in the same position..ok, not as worse, but what does he know who she is? And like she said then...she is NO agent. Brenok is so smart normally...he should not just assume things.

That Saratt tried several times to destroy the ship..oh man..that made my heart hurt... he suffered/suffers so much. It is hard to imagine how much he had and still has to endure.

... Stay clear! Its the singing of things Im longing to hear. You touch them and stiff and silent they turn. Youre killing the things for whose singing I yearn!

I support PLAN.
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