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Re: Christmas shopping - who's hardest to buy for?

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This year, her ex-boyfriend---who has done a lot to help look after my Dad---is joining us for Christmas. I know him, but not well. I have no idea what to buy a 45 year old single Dad. He has his own home theater business, and he's doing relatively well. He just got a puppy--maybe some stuff for his new dog? I have no idea.
I like that idea! Also maybe a book about the breed (if it is a purebred), or some other kind of book relating to dogs? (BTW, he sounds like a really nice guy.)

Until recently, i would say it would have been my mother. She and i have extremely different taste on everything! Nowadays, the years we don't spend Christmas together i just have something sent to her (she is in Florida, i'm in NY) from a food company. I particularly like Edible Arrangements (she seems to love it when i send her those).

Nowadays (well, always, he was a tie with my mother), my husband is impossible to buy for.
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