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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Just curious, Vektor, and please forgive my do these models handle when used in animation? I assume you could manipulate these to create some pretty stunning footage, unless they're too massive. I find that hard to believe...but I have no real experience when it comes to modeling or 3D animation (beyond After Effects work like rotoscoping and digital extrapolation...most of which is concerned with 2D and limited 3D). Wondering if--given the fantastic detail and ultra-realistic textures of your designs--they could be used to create short sequences of film composited on starfield backgrounds or other stellar environments. I love seeing 'em in snapshots from different angles. I suppose I was just curious about whether or not it would be possible to see them in action, or what it would take to make the transition.

I do happen to know quite a bit about cinematography, editing, and filmmaking in general. I guess that's why this question intrigues me.

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