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Re: Christmas shopping - who's hardest to buy for?

My Dad, before his Alzheimer's took over. He hated almost everything, and made you feel like crap for daring to buy him a gift.

Now my sister has that role. She always says, "Oh, don't buy me anything," but we all know damn well that there'd be hell to pay if we didn't. And when we do buy her something, she complains and rolls her eyes---often right in front of you. Now I don't even care anymore.
I get her something, and if she doesn't like it, she can return it.

This year, her ex-boyfriend---who has done a lot to help look after my Dad---is joining us for Christmas. I know him, but not well. I have no idea what to buy a 45 year old single Dad. He has his own home theater business, and he's doing relatively well. He just got a puppy--maybe some stuff for his new dog? I have no idea.
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