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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

In the books, she deals with it very well.
I could be wrong, but I don't think the Dexter of the books has made quite so many big mistakes as the TV Dexter has. Plus, Deb found out quite early on in the run, and so is a lot more implicit in his actions.

Also, I can't recall if the Dexter in the books has ever broken the Code as blatantly as on TV, where he's killed two people who as far as we know, never committed any crime (creepy photographer and the redneck in the bathroom in this season's premiere) and at least two others where the situation was questionable (the apparently reformed pedophile who never committed murder and the habitual drunk driver from S1 who was criminally negligent but not a deliberate killer).
And lets not forget being partly responsible for the deaths of Doakes, Rita, etc.
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