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Re: November Contest Entry: SigCat--"Pearl"

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A very nice, sweet, enearing tale, a great "aftermath" story, showing AU Dukat recovering from his immense depression (suicide, I recall?).
Yes...AU Dukat did attempt suicide. He suffers from the Cardassian equivalent of bipolar disorder (the "fire" mentioned is how he tends to think of his manic phases), and at the time of this story, the doctors are still trying to figure out exactly the right course of treatment for him. He's taking something that is helping him some, at this time, but they haven't figured out exactly the right thing yet.

Even in the 24th century, treating mental illness is a delicate matter. Certain AU Cardassian beliefs also make them very particular about what an optimal outcome is, too: they wish to treat the person AND respect their personality. They don't want to simply drug a person into submission, but help them to live as they were meant to. Medication may be necessary for that (and they take medical implants very seriously)--but they are very exacting about it and don't settle for too many side effects, or for less-than-optimal outcomes. (I also think they refuse to do genetic manipulation, which has made them very skilled with pharmaceutical treatments.)

Thank you very much for reading.
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