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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Hey, Captain Sarine! Nice to see you back. Thanks for the reviews both here and at Ad Astra. I'm so glad you are enjoying Julian, as I know you are a fan. He and Icheb have a little bit in common, particularly in the background to this universe, so we may see more of that mentoring dynamic ... but we also may see Julian learn (or re-learn) a thing or two from Icheb. I'm also happy you liked the scene with Lakwa. Yes, the Resistance was born out of Janeway's actions in Unimatrix Zero. But there's a lot more to it than that by now. This was a tiny glimpse at the origins, though. As for JQ ... wait and see. Thanks again for the comments.

CeJay -- I can live with the soap opera moniker, as long as it passes for primetime and not daytime. But yeah -- those two have definitely been served a crap sandwich with a side of crap so far in this story. As galactic explorers trying to save entire worlds, I doubt whether they are really the picket fences type ... but who knows, if they somehow survive this mission, reunite and live happily ever after, maybe they'll be ready for a nice boring life in the suburbs. I guess we'll see what happens. As for Icheb and his condition ... Lakwa said she'll try. No promises. But yes, maybe a little bit of hope.
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