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Re: November Contest Entry: SigCat--"Pearl"

Pick me up? those eyes begged.
I know those eyes. My cat does the same thing and I drop everything and go to pet him

That was a very touching story. Poor Skrain blamed himself for an action that he committed out of desperation and which he seemed to regret in the last moment when it appeared that he succeeded...

And then Vratsik comes and shows him affection. Nothing matters, just pet my belly. Which should tell a lot, because animals have that instinct of knowing who is good and who's better to be avoided. Even if this is a place where very friendly animals are chosen--they still know.

And hekant knew too. He was as much for Nejran Yidal as for Skrain Dukat. Skrain needed something to outweigh--in a way--his guilt and having a small share in healing process of someone as damaged as Yidal could also heal his own damage. It would prove he was not evil, he just had made a mistake. And while he can't turn back time and undo it, he can do other good things, giving his life meaning and positive influence on others.
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