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Re: Leonard McCoy: Potential alcoholic?

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He spoke about drinking on duty, though - even during working hours and crises. See "Tholian Web" where he thinks the cure for the week's space-sickness would go down better with Scotch. Although the cure itself was supposed to be an inebriant of sorts, so...
It was a Klingon nerve gas...

SCOTT: What is it?
MCCOY: It's a diluted theragen derivative.
SPOCK: Theragen? A nerve gas used by the Klingons.
SCOTT: Aye. And deadly, too. What are you thinking of, Doc? Are you trying to kill us all?
SPOCK: If I remember correctly, it caused fatality only when used in pure form.
MCCOY: That's right, and in this derivative, mixed with alcohol, it merely deadens certain nerve inputs to the brain.
SCOTT: Oh, well, any decent brand of Scotch will do that.
MCCOY: One good slug of this, and you can hit a man with phaser stun, and he'd never feel it or even know it.
SCOTT: Does it make a good mix with Scotch?
MCCOY: It should.
SCOTT: I'll let you know. (leaves with the remaining contents of the flask)
I'm pretty sure Scott was the one with the problem.
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