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I thought i'd just give an update on both fronts

First Power Rangers: Samurai Promo to air in February on Nickelodeon


Sentai's 2011 series to start in February. It's an anniversary season.

The first picture of 2011's Sentai Team(Power Ranger's 2013)

Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger

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And the info:

-200 Sentai Heroes are mentioned

-Mobairetsu and RangerKeys were correct! Meaning AkaRed plays a role in this show. Mobairetsu is their phone, RangerKeys are inserted to transform them into past Senshi.

-Weapons are the Go-KaiKen and Go-KaiGun

-Robo is Go-KaiOh, Red's machine is Go-KaiGalleon

The suits are absolutely fantastic. It may just be me, but they look like a mix between the Goseiger Suits and the Shinkenger Suits, as well as others.
Clarified information and then some

New Program, "Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger" February 13th, 2011 Start on TV-Asahi, Nationwide!

The 35th Super Sentai Series, the likes of which have never been seen before in history. Their name, "Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger."

POINT 1- Goukai! Soukai! Tsuukai! (Heroic! Exhilarating! Thrilling!) The motif of this year's heroes is "Pirates". This motif overflows in from both its popularity in anime, cinema and other types of entertainment.

POINT 2- Super Sentai Series 35th Work. A Memoiral Year. 34 Sentai Series and 200 past heroes are used in this work. Both parents and children alike can enjoy it.

POINT 3- Transformation items are the "Ranger Keys", keys which have the likenesses of past Sentai Heroes, and the Mobile Phone, "Mobairetsu". Using the keys, the Goukaiger can turn into past sentai heroes and fight their enemies.

POINT 4- Their sword is the GoukaiKen, their gun, the GoukaiGun, which creates both an enchanting and violent Pirate Action.

POINT 5- Red's machine, GoukaiGalleon, unites with "vehicles favorited by boys" to form the gattai robo, GoukaiOh.
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