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Hey, that's pretty slick. Guess I'd better include a docking bay for those things. You given any thought to how many they would have on board?

I was going to post some big updates on the Polaris this weekend but I went to boot up my workstation at home last night and it crashed on startup. Not sure what's going on yet, maybe some bad memory or a graphics card failure, but it will have to be fixed before I can make any further progress.

In the mean time, I do have a couple of new renderings from last week:

This is part of the FTL drive system. I detailed all the internal guts for two reasons: First, because some of it is visible around the edges of the sphere even with the access panels closed; second, because the objects surrounding the sphere relate to a specific plot point in the script. Dennis, you may recognize these as "Nielsen generators."

A few more images will be available in the Fan Art thread as soon as I get them posted.
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