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Re: Hans Zimmer will score "Superman"

^ The end music of Deathly Hallows is just tracked music from elsewhere in the score and isn't a classic "End Credits" suite. So if you've got the soundtrack, you've got all the music you would have heard during the credits. As for Williams' themes in Potter 4-7.1 ... well, outside of Goblet, you barely hear any of his work (other than the occasional use of "Hedwig's Theme"). Desplat's Deathly Hallow's score makes only minimal use of "Hedwig's Theme" and is, by and large, new material.

As for Superman, I was one of the first in line to see the new Superman Returns once I heard that Ottman was going to use Williams' classic Supes themes. But I was underwhelmed by Ottman's usage of the themes and, like you said, they really didn't help the film establish an identity of its own (though, the score was the least of the film's problems, IMO).

So as much as I would love to hear The Superman March in the theater again, I'm good with a new approach.
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