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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

The World Cup used to have a wonderful charm about it. Nowadays, Fifa have made a complete mockery of it. England's bid was the technical winner, it was the commercial winner, and we had the best presentation, yet apparently that's still not good enough. Qatar was deemed by Fifa themselves to be 'extremely high risk' - yet they still get it, so really, what is the point of these reports if you're just going to ignore them?

If they wanted to take the tournament to pastures new then Australia should have been an obvious choice - they have a sports-mad poplation, and a tremendous sporting infrastructure already. Sadly, Fifa have seen the opportunity to gain some politically correct kudos by taking the game to an islamic state.

Richard Caborn's said that Fifa "Isn't fit for purpose in the 21st century" - and he's absolutely right.

Some people have blamed Panorama and The Sunday Times for ruining England's chances by running their respective stories in the week running up to the vote, but let's be fair here, we were going to be screwed long before either of them ran their stories, and they knew it.

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