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Angry, but not suprised.

Disgusted with this result.
Russia being picked over England? Bullshit! in every area England has Russia beaten hands down, indeed, England is one of the few nations who could host a World Cup at the drop of a hat.
Perhaps the FA should have played the Russians at their own game, the richest league in the world should just have flung a shit load of money at the grubby little FIFA men two years ago, and left Vlad and his FSB buddies high & dry.

But, no matter how they got it, Russia is at least a football playing nation with a rich history & following. How on Earth can they justify handing a World Cup to Qatar???
No doubt the big man will snap his fingers and 10 super stadiums will appear from the desert, much like the two Formula 1 tracks in the region did. But like the F1 events, this World Cup will be completely devoid of any passion or soul.

I only hope Scotland reach Brazil 2014, because seeing the Dark Blue at either of these events would leave a very bad taste in my mouth.
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