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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

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Early last year I signed up for the Blockbuster Online service. Why? Because it had unlimited in-store exchanges for both games and movies and the price was right.

A few months later they dropped the game exchanges but still kept the unlimited in-store movie exchanges. Then many months later they raised the price. It was just a few bucks but it chapped my ass a tad.

Then they raised the price again a few months later. Still annoyed but I rented movies every week so I kept it.

Then a couple months ago they raised the price again. That did it! I changed plans! Five in-store exchanges a month plus unlimited mail-in rentals.

Basically I'm now paying for this "service" what I was paying last year for a service that had infinately greater value. I'm finding myself resenting it greatly and am considering firing their asses and going with Netflix.

Any real value with Netflix or do they just buttfuck you like Blockbuster Online does?
I agree the cost of movie from Block Busters or Net Flix is out of this world. I will continue to use my DVR.
The cost of a movie from Netflix (can't speak about Blockbuster) out of this world? SERIOUSLY?

For 10 bucks you can have UNLIMITED streaming and UNLIMITED DVDs, as long as it is 1 at a time, basicaly 2 to 3 times a week. So 10 to 12 movies a month.

So, about ONE buck a movie PLUS as MUCH streaming as you can.

THAT is out of this world?

Even the three at a time with unlimited streaming is a great deal.

If those aren't, what is?

Maybe you were just kidding... I don't know.
Plus, DVR isn't a substitute for Netflix. I have both in my house. They serve completely different functions.
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