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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Come on Jax, tell us how you really feel

Frankly I don't much care, least we won't have the ignimony of losing on our own turf; and face it FIFA were screwed whichever way they jumped. Give it us and people would say it was cos of the British media, don't give it us and the same applies. I am hacked off that Russia's got it, shame the Netherlands didn't get it really.

Its a grubby business that has little to do with football I'm afraid. I doubt our bid was squeaky clean, but bet it smelt of roses compared to Russia's.

Speaking for Derby (anbd possible Leicester) fans though, there is a sneaking smile on my face because having Pride Park overlooked in favour of a non existant ground in Nottingham was somewhat galling to say the least...
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