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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

^I'm not talking about you specifically Pyscho Pere...I'm talking about fans in general including myself. I've read what people have had to say about Synder's films and I tend to agree with the criticism given him for the most part. I think "300" is highly overrated myself , enjoyed "Watchmen", didn't care for the owl movie, and haven't seen the "Dawn of the Dead" remake despite reading and being told that it's his best movie. I'm really looking forward to "Sucker Punch". I get people hesitations over his style, it's not for everyone. I just think though without really knowing the actual plot (aside from rumors and reports from unknown sources online) or really anything else it's kind of difficult to comment on this project. As a Superman fan I'm excited that this is finally rolling. As to the plot and other things I've mentioned I'm gonna wait until casting starts happening and we see footage before really praising and or criticizing. Again I wasn't meaning to pick on you specifically Pyscho Pere.
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