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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

Dennis wrote: View Post
Routh was fine in SR and he could easily do whatever Snyder's looking for - no version of Superman is ever going to be Hamlet, sorry (and, BTW, no version of Batman ever has been, either ). The reason for not using him would simply be that Snyder has no reason to connect this film with the previous one, and that said there must be dozens of actors who can do the part.
I dunno. If finding a decent Superman were that easy, I think we would have had a bunch more Superman movies by now. But then, I feel the same way about Superman Returns and the rush to reboot it. The 19 year gap between Superman IV & Superman Returns and the MANY failed attempts in the interim demonstrates that making a Superman movie is HARD! Putting together any Superman movie is practically a miracle and I think that Warner Bros. should have recognized that by allowing Routh & Singer more time to grow into the franchise.

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
I think Parker read for Lois if I'm not mistaken.
Really? I hadn't heard that. In fact, I got the impression from the bonus features on the DVD that Singer hadn't even met Posey until the first day of shooting.

One other actress I did hear they auditioned for Lois Lane was Keri Russell. I think she would have been brilliant! But then, I've had a huge crush on her ever since Felicity, a crush that has been recently rekindled by Running Wilde & Mission Impossible III.
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